Beat the 2025 Deadline by Switching to VOIP Now!

All traditional analogue lines, including PSTN and ISDN, are scheduled for discontinuation in 2025. If your business relies on these outdated systems, now is the crucial moment to transition to VoIP for a more future-proof communication solution.

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Experience comprehensive telephony with fully-featured phone systems, including hunt groups, call queues, voice menus, softphones, and everything else you'd want from a professional business system.


Managed & Supported

We offer an all-inclusive package, providing phones and internet connectivity if necessary. We're also on hand to support you, ensuring you get the most from your new VOIP system.

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Switching to TTS is easy

Whether you're currently on a VOIP system or still operating with traditional lines, we can transition you to our VOIP service.

Rest assured, your existing phone numbers will be transferred smoothly; we'll manage the porting process for you.


"VOIP enables truly flexible working"

For genuine flexibility that allows you to work from home or various locations, VOIP is essential for your business. It empowers your staff to make and receive calls using your business numbers, no matter where they are.

Nigel Rogers

TTS Managing Director